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AlphaGraphics Launches agEnterprise, the Ultimate Brand Management Platform for Businesses Nationwide

Release Date: 6/20/2024

Leading Franchisor of Printing and Marketing Solutions Unveils Innovative Platform for Ensuring Brand Consistency

DENVER -- AlphaGraphics, a leading franchisor of printing and marketing solutions, announces the launch of agEnterprise, a new brand management platform tailored to meet the unique needs of franchises and other multi-location businesses. The new platform is designed to uphold brand consistency, offer both national oversight and local customization, and streamline the marketing process with a central hub for branded, customizable marketing assets.

"agEnterprise is more than just a platform; it's the cornerstone of modern brand management," said Ryan Farris, CFE, President and COO of AlphaGraphics. "By seamlessly blending national oversight with local customization, it empowers franchises and multi-location businesses to elevate their brand consistency while maintaining individuality. With agEnterprise, businesses aren't just streamlining processes – they're redefining success, achieving unparalleled efficiency and unlocking the full potential of their marketing endeavors."

In addition to brand consistency, here's what agEnterprise can do for your business:

Achieve national control and local customization: The strongest brands strike a balance between consistency and personalization. agEnterprise clients receive a customized site that serves as a centralized hub for branded and customizable marketing assets that business owners can access to make direct orders. Through this hub, businesses can customize assets while staying within brand guidelines. Additionally, clients will be assigned an account manager to support the creation and production of marketing assets and ensure multi-location consistency.
Leverage technology to streamline marketing processes: agEnterprise combines all marketing tools in one fully integrated platform, which can save businesses up to 30% by cutting back on third-party tools.
Monitor and manage marketing funds and co-op dollars: Effective financial oversight is crucial for businesses to thrive. Recognizing this, agEnterprise provides custom reporting tools, helping marketing teams to monitor and manage funds and co-op dollars, oversee spending at a national and local level, provide flexibility for franchisees, and increase visibility into campaign costs.
Provide every location local production and marketing support: AlphaGraphics has over 230 locations across the country to support businesses in a variety of markets to fulfill and distribute marketing assets. This results in quicker turnaround times, cost-savings, and a reduced carbon footprint. The platform helps eliminate the wait time on shipping as items are produced locally by teams who understand the market.
"As a franchise ourselves, we understand the challenges of trying to balance national brand recognition with local needs and unique markets. This is what provided the impetus for us to create a platform that provides an end-to-end solution," added Farris. "We've created a one-stop- shop for marketing executives to manage assets in a singular platform, gain access to local printing services across the country, and ultimately save money on shipping costs. Our years of experience serving like-minded businesses allows us to provide you with unmatched franchise marketing expertise."

For more than 50 years, AlphaGraphics has helped businesses of all sizes get noticed and get business with quality print, signs, graphics, and technology. AlphaGraphics recognizes that representing a brand accurately and strengthening brand recognition is paramount, and agEnterprise supports businesses to do just that - by guaranteeing consistency across all marketing assets, ensuring they are on-brand, and centralized. When executed properly, brand consistency has an ability to increase revenue by 10-20%.

For more information on agEnterprise and to request a demo, visit https://shop.alphagraphics.com/agenterprise/.

About AlphaGraphics
AlphaGraphics, Inc., with more than 230 locally-owned and operated locations in the U.S., offers a complete range of print, signs, visual communications, and marketing services to businesses. AlphaGraphics also provides enterprise print management solutions through its agEnterprise platform. agEnterprise provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution allowing multi-location brands to centralize all on-brand marketing assets. The platform utilizes an integrated online ordering system to streamline print ordering, manufacturing, and distribution. By offering both national oversight and local customization, agEnterprise streamlines the marketing process through automation, accelerating speed to market, while saving time and resources. For more information about agEnterprise, visit https://shop.alphagraphics.com/agenterprise/.

SOURCE AlphaGraphics, Inc.

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